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Saturday, August 12th 2006

8:57 AM

Act Blue Online Bar BQ Fund Raiser for John Hall

This just in from the Bloggers for John Hall Site...help spread the word.

Online Bar BQ Fund Raising Event for Act Blue, and John Hall

George Bush drove past protestors yesterday on his way to a political fund raising Bar BQ where he raised $750,000 for his cronies in the Republican Party.  He's on the move, and if we in the Democratic Party are going to keep pace, we have to bring out the donors in new unusual ways.

So, I am introducing my ONLINE Bar BQ Fund raiser here on my John Hall for Congress Blog.  I Know, crazy idea, but it COULD WORK if everyone plays along.  I put a post up on www.moveon.org about this online Bar BQ Fund Raiser, and the rules are simple to be a part of it.

1.  Make a donation to John Hall (http://actblue.com/page/bloggersforjohnhall) or your favorite Act Blue Democrat!

2.  Make a post here in my blog (http://bloggersforjohnhall.bravejournal.com/) sharing your donation, and if you like, your favorite recipe for a weekend Bar BQ.

That's IT...oh, you can also help spread this fund raiser around the web by emailing it to your friends, or by posting it on your blog!

The Bush Fund Raising Story that Started this:

Barbecue and Bush net GOP $750,000

President drives past war protesters on way to fund-raiser

Updated: 2:05 p.m. ET Aug 11, 2006

CRAWFORD, Texas - President Bush headlined a Republican fund-raiser at a ranch near his own Friday and the barbecue for deep-pocket donors raised $750,000.

On the way to the event at the Broken Spoke Ranch on a hot, cloudless day, the presidential motorcade drove past a scattering of anti-war protesters associated with Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son died in Iraq. They waved signs like "WMD Lies Lost Lives."

White House advisers are predicting an active Bush presence on the campaign trail this fall as Republicans try to hold on to both houses of the U.S. Congress.



<p><i><font size="1">Technorati Tags:<a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/bar bq" rel="tag">bar bq</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/fund raising" rel="tag">fund raising</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/democrats" rel="tag">democrats</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/john hall" rel="tag">john hall</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/act blue" rel="tag">act blue</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/elections 2006" rel="tag">elections 2006</a></font></i><br

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Friday, August 11th 2006

6:30 AM

Lieberman Still Whining ABout Site Crash

Seems that Lieberman is wanting to continue his WHINEFEST about the crashing of his pathetically under funded and poorly run website.  The $150.00 a month dedicated over to his web presense shows just how OUT OF TOUCH he was/is in todays internet savy world where most people use emails, web blogs and instant messages to communicate and their news.

Secondly, there is and old expression that you get what you PAY for...Dan Geary is the one who Lieberman needs to be upset with...instead of going to PROFESSIONALS, he allowed one of his staff to go to a FRIEND...give me a break.

Lastly, think the one thing that no one realizes yet, is that Bloggers are and independent lot...we do not fit into nice neat little cubicles, we do not engage into the process in the traditional ways that politicians are used to.  I doubt very seriously there was any concerted effort to crash Joe's site, but I would guess that a lot of us went to his site to keep ourselves abreast of what the other side was up to...first rule of engagement...KNOW YOUR ENEMY.  Lieberman may not want to here this, but if he had only invested $150.00 a month into his internet presense, any Junior High School student could have hacked his site....oh well, LIVE AND LEARN.

One last thing Joe...YOU ARE NOT A INDEPENDENT DEMOCRAT, you lost the right to claim the tag of DEMOCRAT....state the truth, you are a sore loser running as an independent...that is it, you are not the independent Democrat, so stop trying to pretend you are, stop trying to DIVIDE THE PARTY YOU LOW LIFE SCUM.

Officials probe Lieberman Web site crash
AP Photo: Democratic Senate hopeful Ned Lamont responds to questions about Sen. Joe Lieberman's web site during...

HARTFORD, Conn. - U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign Web site remained offline Thursday, and federal and state authorities were investigating why it crashed on the eve of this week's defeat in a high-profile primary.

The site, Joe2006.com, appeared to have suffered from a so-called "denial of service" attack, in which computers overwhelm a site with fake traffic so real visitors can't get through, said Richard M. Smith, an Internet security consultant in Brookline, Mass.

The Lieberman campaign denied speculation among liberal Web pundits that the centrist Democrat's Web site had simply crashed because it used a low-budget Web host unable to handle the volume.

Web hosting can cost anywhere from a few dollars a month for a personal Web site to thousands of dollars for large corporate sites.

The campaign spends about $100 to $150 a month on Web hosting services with MyHostCamp, said Dan Geary, who administers the site for the campaign. Geary said that MyHostCamp, which is owned by a friend of Geary's, gave the site more than enough bandwidth — 200 gigabytes a month — to handle a crush of visitors.

He said an analysis of the server suggested an attack that focused on specific components of the Web site such as internal files and e-mail.

But Smith said that even if there's enough capacity, as important is the amount of security it has to keep intruders out.

"There are measures that can be implemented to protect against this type of attack," Smith said. "I think they went a little cheap here. This kind of looked like a low-budget hosting service."

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Tuesday, August 8th 2006

8:41 PM

Lieberman Loses, BLOGGERS Come of AGE!

Just a couple of days ago I posted on this blog that a Lieberman Lose was going to shake the very foundation stones of the Political system...not because Lieberman lost, but because BLOGGERS will have COME OF AGE.  It has happened, our time is NOW, and from this day forward, we will use our words, and the power of links to CHANGE THE WAY CAMPAIGNS are won and lost...you IGNORE US at your own perile, as we will use our ability to link up to destroy your chances of winning ANY ELECTION.  We are HERE, and we will not allow you to ignore us in favor of your MONIED friends.

These two posts courtesy of : http://porgietirebiter.bravejournal.com/

Lieberman Loses, BLOGGERS Come of Age!

The political pundits are discussing Lamont's STUNNING upset of Joe Lieberman in today's Democratic Primary Election in Connecticut.  Yes, his lose makes a STATEMENT about the war, and sends a message to America that there needs to be a CHANGE in Bush's "stay the course" debacle in Iraq. Yes, Lieberman will run as and independent, he has announced his intentions, and sadly, he may actually win the election, or GOD FORBIDE split the Democratic vote, and sneak a Republican into the mix as the Senator from Connecticut.

However, let's not lose target of another very REAL REALITY in today's victory for Lamont...BLOGGERS have SCORED A HUGE VICTORY, and can no longer be ignored by politicians who want to get elected.  We may not have the money to attend $2,000 a plate fund raisers, but ignore us at your OWN PERILE, as we have what no amount of money can buy!  The ability to get our message out by linking our blogs together, the ability to send OUR MESSAGE OUT to MILLIONS of READERS without SPENDING A FREAKING DIME.

You want to cater to your WEALTHY ELITIST moneywhores, that is fine, and election needs funds...but, no longer will you be allowed to push us off to the side, tell us you do not have time to attend OUR EVENTS unless we can put $5-$10,000 in your pocket...I want to MEET THESE PEOPLE SEEKING OFFICE, and if they will not meet us because we are POOR, we will take our FIGHT TO THE BLOGS.


Tuesday, August 8th 2006

8:18 PM

MORE Primary Updates...EGO BITCH Rep. Cynthia McKinney LOSES

The Screaming Vapid Shrew of Congress is being SENT TO THE MINORS as voters tell her that the antics she is famous for are not the kind of behaviors we expect out of our elected officials.  OH WELL, too bad, so sorry, you LOSE!
Pack your skank self up and get out of Washington, the VOTERS have had enough...YOU LOSE!
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Tuesday, August 8th 2006

8:06 PM

LIEBERMAN LOSES...Concedes to Lamont

Lieberman LOSES to upstart, and the bloggers!  He officially has just conceded to his opponent, but then in the same sentence, the weasil snake announced he would RUN AS INDEPENDENT...FINE LIEBERMAN, we are coming for you...it's no wonder someone took this Bush Third Reich Salute of you...you are a  TRAITOR to the Democratic Party, and when you lost in a fair and square contest, you do not have the GRACE TO STEP ASIDE.  YOU ARE OFFICIALLY FAIR GAME FOR EVERY BLOGGER.

Lieberman trails in Connecticut primary
AP Photo: Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman points toward his bus as he left a New Haven, Conn.,...

Three-term Sen. Joe Lieberman struggled to overcome a ferocious primary challenger Tuesday, battling to escape payback from his own party for supporting the Iraq war.

Six years after Democrats backed Lieberman for vice president, political neophyte Ned Lamont grabbed an early lead and held it as the night wore on, despite the race tightening steadily.

With 89 percent of precincts counted, Lamont led with 52 percent, or 127,786 votes, to Lieberman's 48 percent, or 119,867 votes. Turnout was projected at twice the norm for a primary.

In Georgia, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the fiery congresswoman who scuffled with a U.S. Capitol police officer earlier this year, fell behind in a runoff for the Democratic nomination.

Elsewhere, voters in Colorado, Missouri and Michigan also chose candidates for the fall elections.


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Tuesday, August 8th 2006

6:59 PM


BREAKING NEWS...Lieberman down by FOUR POINTS 52/48 percent with 45 percent of the vote counted so far!  Go Lamont...

Meanwhile, this story borrowed from my John Hall Blog that shows what a skank cheese sleeze both Lieberman and FOX News both are.


Tuesday, August 8th 2006

6:32 PM

FOX Tries to Interfere With Lamont/Lieberman Primary Election

First, just in on CNN...though LaMont had been leading, there is indication that Lieberman may have (at least briefly) gained the lead.  However, what disturbs me, is that FOX today interfered with the election process, and it worries me as we move towards the fall election.

For weeks now, Hannity, and most of the broadcasters on FOX were decrying the attacks on Lieberman, saying it was CRIMINAL that he was being attacked for supporting the Presidents war. In short, Lieberman WAS/IS FOX's choice in this primary, and maybe even in the fall election as they know the seat in the Senate will not go to a Republican.

OK, Lieberman's site went down...a tragedy, maybe or maybe not done purposely by someone. That does not rise to a story that FOX covered as BREAKING NEWS AL DAY LONG until after the polls closed.  They deliberately created a means by which to advertise for their candidate ALL DAY LONG, while at the same time painting Lamont and his backers as EVIL and responsible for some kind of criminal attack on Liebermans site.

If Lamont loses this primary, FOX stole it for Lieberman, and should be brought up on FELONY election tampering.  Further, this kind of trick has ROVE written ALL OVER IT, and I am wondering if Lieberman deliberately had the site KNOCKED OFF LINE so that he could put himself and his campaign on the airwaves ALL DAY TODAY to make up ground....the man is a VILE CHEATER.  If he wins the Primary, I will be left with no choice but to do anything I can to try to get whoever runs against him elected, even if it means seeing a seat Democrats can ill afford to lose going to a Republican....the man is a vile demon spawn who committed TREASON against the party, and who today STOOPED to a whole new low to STEAL AND ELECTION.

Lieberman blames Rove-like tactics for Web site disruption

Challenger Lamont calls charge 'scurrilous,' denies involvement

By Robert Yoon
CNN Washington Bureau

Tuesday, August 8, 2006; Posted: 7:44 p.m. EDT (23:44 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Officials with U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's re-election campaign blamed "dirty politics" and "Rovian tactics" for what they said was an online attack on their Web site as Connecticut voters headed to the polls Tuesday.

The former Democratic vice presidential candidate is in a tight race for his party's nomination for a fourth term to the Senate.

"Rovian" is a reference to White House aide and presidential political adviser Karl Rove, whom Democrats frequently have accused of unethical campaign tactics.

The Web site, http://www.joe2006.comexternal link, has been unavailable since Monday afternoon. Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith suggested that the campaign of the senator's primary opponent, Ned Lamont, or his supporters were responsible for the disruption.

"This type of dirty politics has been a staple of the Lamont campaign from the beginning, from the nonstop personal attacks to the intimidation tactics and offensive displays to these coordinated efforts to disable our Web site," said Smith in a statement e-mailed to reporters Monday evening.

"There is no place for these Rovian tactics in Democratic politics, and we demand that our opponent call off his supporters and their online attack dogs."

Tuesday afternoon, the Lieberman campaign formally complained to Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, asking him to investigate attacks on the site.

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Sunday, August 6th 2006

7:36 PM

Watching the Lamont/Lieberman Race

Borrowed from Bloggers For John Hall


Sunday, August 6th 2006

6:21 PM

Lamont Vs Lieberman-A Race We Should Watch

The Lamont Vs Lieberman primary battle has been getting the coverage of a world class heavy weight title fight, and political circles are all abuzz on both sides, as one group looks for a stunning upset win, and the other ponders what a loss by Lieberman could mean to the OLD Guard, and to some degree the Republican Party in the 2006 elections.

Some pundits see a Lamont win as a watershed moment that will allow Democrats to  more clearly focus attention on the War in Iraq, which is going VERY BADLY at the moment, but then no surprise when Bush does not have any other plan than, "Stay the Course".  However, think Tuesday's primary is a watershed moment in a far more important way...Lieberman in the past few years has been a Republican in all but name only, even being and invited guest at White House dinners.  He has become their stalwart go to fellow in the Democratic Party, he's the proverbial Zell Miller in the Senate, ready to sell out the Democratic Party in a heart beat, or in the blink of a (Tom De Lay) K Street donation.

IF Lieberman goes down on Tuesday, it is a message that America is READY FOR A CHANGE, and if they are ready for a change, this could be a very BLOODY Fall Electorial Season for the Republicans, and George Bush...for this reason, it's imperiative that those of us supporting challengers, such as John Hall keep a very close eye on this election in the neighboring state.

Conn. race could be Democratic watershed

Loss by Lieberman may embolden critics of Iraq war

IMAGE: Lieberman campaigns for Senate
Bob Falcetti / Getty Images
By Dan Balz
The Washington Post
Updated: 11:25 a.m. ET Aug 6, 2006

FARMINGTON, Conn. - The passion and energy fueling the antiwar challenge to Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman in Connecticut's Senate primary signal a power shift inside the Democratic Party that could reshape the politics of national security and dramatically alter the battle for the party's 2008 presidential nomination, according to strategists in both political parties.

A victory by businessman Ned Lamont on Tuesday would confirm the growing strength of the grass-roots and Internet activists who first emerged in Howard Dean's presidential campaign. Driven by intense anger at President Bush and fierce opposition to the Iraq war, they are on the brink of claiming their most significant political triumph, one that will reverberate far beyond the borders here if Lieberman loses.



<p><i><font size="1">Technorati Tags:<a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/lamont" rel="tag">lamont</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/lieberman" rel="tag">lieberman</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/democrat" rel="tag">democrat</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/republican" rel="tag">republican</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/primaries" rel="tag">primaries</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/politics" rel="tag">politics</a></font></i

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Saturday, August 5th 2006

10:25 AM

Bloggers Political Party Message Board

Greeting Political Bloggers

A movement, a party has to have a means with which to discuss issues, ideas and dreams. Last night I gave birth to the Bloggers Political Party (tm) in the hopes of using the power of the written word created by bloggers, combined with the power of linking together as one.  Though still bare bones, I have today created a Message Board where political bloggers can discuss the issues, ideas and network.  You'll see the link on my side bar, and hope you will visit and say hello. 

Feel free to introduce yourselves, suggest boards and categories, and they will be added as your ideas come rolling in.  For now, there are boards for both New York and Connecticut Races as those are the two of most interest to me right now because of Ned Lamont and John Hall....let me know your states, and I'll get them up quickly.

Porgie Tirebiter

NEW MESSAGE BOARD LINK: Bloggers Political Party - Home

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Saturday, August 5th 2006

1:23 AM

Will Bloggers Lead The Way to Third Political Party?

Will Bloggers Lead Way TO Third Political Party?

In the race for the Democratic nod to Run for the position of Ct. Senator, Lieberman is being out flanked and out gunned as his opponent in the primary, Ned Lamont finds support in the wide open Wild West of the Bloggosphere.  Lieberman is backed by BIG MONEY SPECIAL INTERESTS, and has a war chest into the MILLIONS and MILLIONS, yet upstart newcomer Lamont is giving all he can handle and then some with a double digit lead in the closing days of this closely watched race.

This race very well could shape the future of politics as we Bloggers realize we can out gun and out shoot BIG MONEY with the power of the written word, and a few dozen well linked bloggers getting out the word.  Here in New York, I have just created a new blog on Bravenet, http://bloggersforjohnhall.bravejournal.com/ and hope tomorrow to have up online Bloggers Political Party (TM) as well.  No longer can the well healed think they can simply buy an election...something Lieberman (traitor to the Democratic Party) is learning the hard way, and something I and others like me hope to show Sue Kelly, a well financed Republican Harlot come November.  Stayed Tuned, and tune in, as I think this years elections are going to be the year of the blogger.

For all you Democrats out there, I ask you to visit my site, as I like to say, John Hall for Congress-Ride the Wave!  (tm) You can make a donation to his campaign by clicking on this link:

Bloggers For John hall

Meet Joe Lieberman's Worst Nightmare

With A Boost From Bloggers, Ned Lamont Has Democratic Icon On The Ropes

WESTPORT, Conn., Aug. 4, 2006

Ned Lamont spoke to an audience of about 75 guests at a home in Westport, Conn., July 26, 2006. An 18-year-old political blogger organized the event, and invited many of his parents' friends and neighbors. (CBS/Christine Lagorio)

Fast Fact

Lamont isn't exactly William Jennings Bryan. In the course of one day of campaigning, he referred to both Iraq and high gas prices as “the pickle we’re in.” Nevertheless, he's found a way of connecting with voters.

(CBS) By CBSNews.com producer Christine Lagorio.

Ned Lamont reached his political breaking point last November after reading an op-ed piece by Joe Lieberman in the Wall Street Journal.

The three-term Connecticut senator's sunny description of war-torn Iraq ("There are many more cars on the streets, satellite television dishes on the roofs, and literally millions more cell phones in Iraqi hands than before.") and his uncompromising support for U.S. involvement were too much for Lamont.

The former Lieberman campaign contributor reached out to Democratic leaders and liberal groups in Connecticut in an effort to find an anti-war candidate to oppose Al Gore's former running mate in the Aug. 8 Democratic primary. There were no takers. So Lamont decided to do it himself.

“I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a business guy,” Lamont told CBSNews.com. “I think if you see a problem, you want to go out and fix it.”

Lamont, 52, has come closer to "fixing" the problem than Lieberman and the Democratic Party establishment ever imagined. With the primary less than a week away, a new Quinnipiac University poll shows Lamont with a solid 54-41 percent lead over Lieberman among likely Democratic voters.

Lamont's edge reflects a remarkable 28-point swing in less than two months. (Lieberman held a 15-point lead over Lamont in a June 5 Quinnipiac poll.)

The roots of Lieberman's free fall in the polls (complacency, hubris) have been hashed over in the press.

But Lamont's secret recipe probably deserves a little more attention. While there's no question about the fact that Lamont's anti-war crusade is driving his candidacy (65 percent of the Democrats backing Lamont in the Quinnipiac poll say they're voting against Lieberman), Lamont has also been boosted by a frenetic, hustling grassroots campaign.
<p><i><font size="1">Technorati Tags:<a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/lamont" rel="tag">lamont</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/lieberman" rel="tag">lieberman</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/democrats" rel="tag">democrats</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/politics" rel="tag">politics</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/blogging" rel="tag">blogging</a>, <a href="http://www.technorati.com/tag/bush" rel="tag">bush</a></font></i
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Saturday, August 5th 2006

12:55 AM

The Birth Of a Dream, the Birth of a New Political Party in America

Welcome To Bloggers Political Party (tm)

It is 3:57 AM, Saturday, August 5th, 2006 and at this moment birth is given to a dream I hope to see unravel into a new and energetic politcal party known as the Bloggers Political Party (tm).

As is being seen in the state of Connecticut in the Senate Primary race, Bloggers can play a crucial role in shaping the future of the political landscape, and Ned Lamont has capitalized on this reality. This political election season is the year where Bloggers come of age, where we flex our muscle in the various races across the land.

This is going to be and exciting year, but it is but a beginning, the birth time of a new political reality where BIG MONEY takes the back seat to BIG BLOGGING (tm), and this blog is here to lead the way, act as both cheerleader of the movement, and driving force.

For now, it is time to sleep and rest as there is much work to be done, but look for important news on this blog in the coming days.

Welcome to all of you.

Porgie Tirebiter

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